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"So I learned an important lesson from 3CForum even before I landed on Stanford: make prompt but informed decisions and execute equally promptly."

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Vera Shi, Hired by Goldman Sachs

3CForum Reflections 

Searching for the right platform is daunting, and that's why you get excited and make seemingly impulsive decisions when you see one. During early half of the year 2015, I had been relentlessly looking for personal development opportunities. After several unsuccessful applications with conferences focused on social responsibility or even philosophy, I was quite regretful for all the pointless efforts.

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Shasha Wang, Ph.D. Candidate


3C (Connecting College to Career) 引我喜欢上了一种思考模式,喜欢上了一个城市的动感,喜欢上了一群勇敢热情的人。开始喜欢一个城市有很多种原因。对旧金山的好感,开始于夏秋之交的晚霞里,面对斯坦福低调而唯美的小教堂,Tom 教授领我们许下一个保证能实现的愿望。触摸到硅谷的心跳,开始于斯坦 福的教室里,听 Karen 讲她在实验室的那些日子,听 Tom 娓娓道来斯坦福创业精神的历史......

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Shuiyu Jing, Master, Tsinghua University


九十年代留美、工作、定居,Karen Wong拥有第一代华裔移民的共性:勤奋、谦逊、懂得坚持。或许跟她从事的职业有关——知识产权律师,Karen逻辑清晰,讲话速度适中,不常笑,笑起来又让人心花灿烂。几经酝酿,Karen在今夏启动了首期三思论坛(3C Forum, Connecting College to Career),以帮助中国学生、尤其是留美中国学生提供职业发展指导,寻找职业发展道路...... 

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Felix Yu, R&D Manager, Coyote Bioscience

3CForum at Stanford by Days

经过了12小时的飞行,我在当地时间下午2点到达了San Jose国际机场,乘坐公共交通到达Palo Alto,开始了此行的第0天。 用一句话形容落地后的感受:加州的阳光真不是盖的。不过后来从当地人口中得知今天是年度最热的一天,不知道是足够幸运还是不幸运。


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Let's Hear More

3C Students Come From

Zhichen Wang, Master, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

Hui Li, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

The visit to Goldman Sachs’ San Francisco office through 3CForum was very valuable for me to land the job with its New York office.

—Vera Shi, Hired by Goldman Sachs

The company visit part is really helpful. It gave me a better and deep understanding of the job responsibilities, day-to-day life, and working environment of careers.

—Weibao Wang, Purdue University (Just Landed a Full-time position at Apple Inc.)

I greatly benefited from this program. Even my mom could tell my changes over our phone chats. I am really grateful to get a real exposure to the innovative culture on the west coast, and meet so many intelligent people in our program. 

—Minmin Chen, John Hopkins University

3CForum ultimately taught me the skills to wholly develop my interests into a viable career, and is an unmissable opportunity to take before starting college. 

—Emily Ng, Tufts University (Incoming Intern with The Gates Foundation)

All the topics presented during the Three-Day Program were carefully selected and each of them was specially designed for the exact needs desired by the students. Even with some working experience, I still feel the strong incentives to improve so many professional skills after reflecting upon myself about what's missing in me. I attended some similar workshops before, but the peers attending others were not as collaborative as this group, which really helped me engaged in the learning and sharing experience during the whole program.

—Winnie Li, Washington University in St. Louis