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I had a new understanding of what entrepreneurship means to me. Before I thought only people that were either super creative or charismatic could become entrepreneurs. I was very inspired by Tom, Jackie, Winnie, Karen and many of my fellow peers on how they found their life purposes and worked their way up to become a leader. I've become more affirmative with my passion in education and management consulting. I was really charged during those three days from the training and discussion I had.

—Linda Li, University of Washington

I was greatly touched by the generosity and spirit of sharing of the coaches, especially Karen. Sharing will not take anything away from you, but will help you earn a lot of sincere friends who will help you in the way to success. I was also deeply impressed by Mir Irman's innovation philosophy and his great success. I really hope I could become someone like him in the future, and bring values to our world.


— Ying Li, Ph.D., UCLA

I was pleasantly surprised by how much the program helped me with my MBA application…. After so much self-reflection and self-introspection, I realized that 3CForum really guided me to a clear path after my MBA education. My growth was not just professional, but personal.

— James Qiu, MBA, MIT Sloan

All the stories sharing from Karen, Wannie, Mary, Karl, Tom are so inspiring. I also really enjoyed Tom Kosnik’s and Jackie's lecture, and also getting the reinforcement about the importance of emotional intelligence.  I greatly appreciate the resume revision and mock interview as well, it's great to learn from others' "mistakes".

— Vera Zhou, Coby College

Participating in 3CForum’s career accelerator program was definitely an inspiring journey for me. There are many enlightening moments:

We need to identify and develop relationship with career stakeholders (learned from Prof. Tom Kosnik); Don’t be afraid to speak out and ask for help. Worry less about the cultural obstacles and convert them to an advantage whenever possible. (Learned from Drs. Karen Wong & Winnie Wan); Innovation is the way to redefine the problem, not solutions. (Learned from Mir Imran); Be loyal to the team and team members, even sometimes very hard decision need to be made. (Prof. Tom Ehrlich). 

— Xin Yu, Ph.D., Cornell University

3CForum’s Career Accelerator Program was an eye-opening event to me.  I'm not new to career planning as I have read a lot of great articles mentioning the importance of networking, leadership, interview preparation, etc.  However, this is the first time how intensively and systematically I rediscovered the importance of these core skills, and how urgently I felt the need to improve myself. It might be because I was truly inspired by so many great speakers/mentors and some extraordinary attendees. Another heart-opening change was why I wanted to be a better me with higher EQ, strong leadership, and passion.

— Lulu Gong, Franklin & Marshall College

I was most impressed by the stories told by the highly achieved speakers. They inspired me a lot by opening up new possibilities of career and life, and encouraged me to overcome setbacks and follow my passion.

— Shan Xiong, Georgia Institute of Technology